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Win big prizes from C. Wonder with Quikly :O

Have you guys heard of a platform called Quikly?  I hadn’t, until today…

Apparently it’s some kind of speed-based giveaway (I guess akin to calling in on the radio or something?) and C. Wonder is giving away prizes like $500 for the fastest person, and presumably the products below (that they listed in the newsletter).

Basically how it works is you sign up, and Quikly e-mails and/or texts you when it’s time to go to the site for your chance to win.  If you sign up through someone else, you will get notified two minutes early (and you can increase your head start from there).  If you are interested in entering, CLICK HERE (or on any of these hyperlinks or pictures actually).

Skillshare is giving away classes again!

Have you taken any?  There are so many I’m interested in, like calligraphy, character conception, poster design, or maybe even writing apps!

Skillshare is giving away 31 lifetime memberships over the next month. That means if you win you can take their online classes free for ever!! You have literally nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so what are you waiting for?  Enter the giveaway now!

*in case you were wondering: nope, I’m not affiliated with Skillshare.  I want to win too! :)

The best line:  But every time I hear an ad like that, I’m like “Why does it have to sound like that? Black people understand words”

omg this is like

what you think you look like eating


what somewhere deep down you are a little worried you actually look like eating.

Drunk History: It’s finally BACK!


I am soooo glad it’s finally here you guys!  It feels like I’ve been waiting foreverrrrrr!!?!?

I just started catching up on the eps today and the struggle is whether to watch them all NOW or ration them out

Also Mariah Wilson is charmingly sassy as Claudette Colvin in the season premiere yo!

In other TV news, what’s the consensus on Tyrant and The Strain?  I’ve been looking forward to both of these (more so The Strain though the ads have been kind of icky).  What say you?  Are they worth watching? Also, is this the year of the miniseries?