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wow I am already rooting for adorable Sandhya and her adorable husband

so adorable

(also: nice house, wow)

but I wish she modeled for the portfolio herself because her dress looks much nicer on her than on the model

Stop Chris Pratt before it’s too late 2k14

like how could he get it so right but so wrong

NO DVR why aren’t you set to record new Project Runway this year

like what if I hadn’t been deleting recordings and flipping channels late last night.

Also there is a contestant who was inspired to become a fashion designer from Paradise Kiss (I’m guessing but come on what else could it have been). What.  Also her dog is really funny.

P.S.: I’m still watching Road to the Runway but I’m hoping Alexander won redemption.  HE BETTER HAVE WON.

Win big prizes from C. Wonder with Quikly :O

Have you guys heard of a platform called Quikly?  I hadn’t, until today…

Apparently it’s some kind of speed-based giveaway (I guess akin to calling in on the radio or something?) and C. Wonder is giving away prizes like $500 for the fastest person, and presumably the products below (that they listed in the newsletter).

Basically how it works is you sign up, and Quikly e-mails and/or texts you when it’s time to go to the site for your chance to win.  If you sign up through someone else, you will get notified two minutes early (and you can increase your head start from there).  If you are interested in entering, CLICK HERE (or on any of these hyperlinks or pictures actually).