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“a visiting Italian friend was very puzzled at Americans’ use of the phrase, “Oh, really?” in group conversations. Somehow he took that as a person challenging his opinion, when in reality, it’s just some habit a lot of us have that basically means, “Interesting. Can you elaborate?” The guy was red in the face after an hour because he literally thought everyone in our group was challenging every single thing he said.”

20 of the Weirdest Things About America That Americans Don’t Realize Are Weird

That poor man.  And yes, the tax thing bothers me very much still.  Why can’t it just be included!?

“In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Hercules and Iolaus have admitted to loving each other as brothers. (The fanfic writers often choose to ignore those last two words.)”

– lol


Introducing!! Pineapple Cake. Or Pineapple Tart. Or idk FengLiSu. He’s also known as Lee. Nat’s/Egg Tart’s cousin who talks in Chinese and broken English. lmao gda season 2 lets go

(translation in bottom pic: “hey, egg tart, i’m bored. play with me, ok? hey, hey…)


Off to Ubud, the cultural center of Bali and the yoga/meditation/spiritual healing capital of Indonesia. A refreshing change from Kuta, we’ve used the relaxing town as a base and have been all over the island within a few days. Trips to Lovina, countless temples, local hot springs, trekking to waterfalls, rice fields, cliff jumping, the Monkey Forest, a two hour moped ride through beautiful central Bali to Cantidasa, and much more have filled our time here, separated by quiet nights of drinking, some yoga, and cheap plates of Mei Goring and Nasi Campur loaded with spicy Sambal. One week in and our trip is in full swing, with only daily rain showers slowing us down. It may be a bit naive, but I could probably spend the next few years in Ubud and never care to look back - I surely wouldn’t be the first. We’ll chill for a few more days before heading to Surabaya, in East Java, to climb Mt. Bromo. 

kind of pretty excited for Fargo tonight